Whether you desire to enhance +wellbeing or overcome chronic health issues, the combination of expert information, qualified & personal advice, safe & effective herbs and  wellness mentoring and coaching is the most effective and holistic way.

+ Wellbeing could mean improving energy levels, immunity, fitness, enhancing sexual health and taking a proactive approach for prevention of the conditions that either day to day life or your specific situation makes you susceptible to.

Overcoming Chronic Disorders Naturally with Ayurveda could definitely be the one of the most challenging, worthwhile and life empowering decision that you could have if you do have any chronic health issue. It means getting educated about your condition, its Ayurvedic treatment, herbs, home remedies, lifestyle and diet.


At Patanjali Yog Sansthan & Massage Marvels, Dr. Ankush Kaushik helps you to achieve both goals, + wellbeing or overcoming chronic disorders naturally in one of the most safe, holistic, streamlined and straightforward manner.

I desire the experience of positive wellbeing for youthful energy, vibrancy, vitality, fitness, better immunity, radiant skin, optimum weight and of course sexually and overall empowered life with better health…

I have minor health issues – allergies, cold, recurrent infections etc. or want prevention against specific health condition that I am prone to because of age or work or other conditions…

I desire to overcome chronic disease with Ayurvedic Treatment & Management (ATM) using safe and effective herbs under expert supervision, unleashing the intrinsic healing energy within me…

Everything Under Expert Supervision

The formulations contain balanced,  natural, safe and effective ingredients following Ayurveda wisdom of combining herbs into Synergistic products.

Herbal, personal and beauty care products are manufactured in state of the art GMP manufacturing facility under our direct control.

Ability to Get Products in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India…and More.

Health and Wellness Coaching and Mentoring Specifically Centering Around Your Needs are presented through Online, Webinar & Live Training.

Ayurvedic Holistic Health Management and Wellness Training
For Personal Health

You will receive Practical health information that you can easily adopt and implement, investing only 30-60 minutes of your time. Bite by Bite, delivered gradually & accessed over all devices.

We are the first to say, “Herbs Alone are not enough!” For effective unleashing of your healing energy, you have to adopt the health improving wisdom of Ayurveda in your daily life.

You will receive continuous support day Every Week. The Health Coaching will go along with your Ayurvedic Treatment and Management, enhancing its benefit multiple times.

Training & Coaching proven by time and by modern science – Ayurveda, Yoga, Visualization, Auto Hypnosis, Self-Image, EFT and More – in a synergistic & Practical manner.