Massage Marvels is one of the unique Massage Center in Delhi NCR, keep exploring all new massage therapies around the world.

We try to provide all fantastic experience to our clients by offering them all well-being services to them.

We have established in the year 2012, since then we have thousands of satisfied customers from around the globe.

There are hundreds of clients who belong to other countries, we treat them as our guests.

They’ve given us genuine feedback we took them humbly and kept improving the quality of our massage services.

The story of Massage Marvels began in late 2012 when the partners planned to provide best massage services in Delhi NCR, they’ve invested their savings and focused on the quality of service, after that they never look back and Massage Marvels is kept succeeding.


We at our massage center in Delhi NCR offers the best price to our customers, never manipulate the price. We always keep in our mind that retaining a customer is more valuable than taking money out of them once.

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Dr. Ankush Kaushik's Herbal Formulations

At the advent of Vedic Era, thousands and thousands years ago, the concept of most ancient medical science, Ayurveda, had come into existence.By providing relief to millions and millions of patients effectively, “Ayurveda” became a landmark and pride of Indian civilization and was called “science of life”. The inception of Ayurveda is attributed to old time scholars namely “Charak” and Sushruta”. Many overseras researchers visited Taktshila and Nalanda to acquire “Ayurveda” knowledge. Gradually, it’s use spread world wide. The treatment by “Ayurveda” is done through natural resources (plants, herbs etc.) hence it has remarkable successful rate without any side effect.



Subsequently, by and large, “Ayurveda” was intimidated and chemicalised which resulted in the current modern medical system thereby, jugglerising the “quicker relief” of the modern drugs by ignoring the hazardous and life threatening side effects. Invariably, it is reported in the media that, due to side effects, many allopathic drugs have been banned by the drug authorities. But, non took the responsibility towards the harm done by these alopathic drugs before being banned. On the contrary, with time tested ayurvedic medicines, no harmful side effect has ever been reported, more so never ever an ayurvedic medicine has been banned. However, allopathic medicines should used only under compelling recommendations and should be gradually tapered of the sooner the critical phase is over Ayurvedic medicine may be continued for longer period without any side effect.


Lately due to life threatening side effects of these modern medicines, once again, the ailing humanity is returning and drifting towards “Ayurveda” for safe and effective treatment.